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This photo is taken on the beach of the Spa in town fare, next to the island


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The eight best beaches in Tarifa (Cádiz)

The town of Cadiz Tariff, is located in the southernmost point of Europe and closest to Africa.

Tariff It is one of the coastal cities with the greatest tourist projection since it is the kingdom of windsurfing and kitesurfing.

In addition to maritime sports, Tariff It has a large sum of prehistoric remains such as the naturalist paintings of the Cueva del Moro and the necropolis of the Algarbes, as well as Phoenician vestiges of the Isla de las Palomas ... and much more.

Tariff It also stands out for its spectacular beaches, where you can contemplate incredible sunsets, for its endless dunes, its fine sand, its clean and crystalline waters.

En Tariff you can stay in one of its charming hotels, rate photos

You want to know the nine best beaches in Tarifa (Cádiz)?

Go for it!


Playa Chica, Tarifa

At the southernmost point of the European continent we find the Playa Chica, the last beach of the Mediterranean Sea.

If it is very windy from Poniente and you want to bathe in calm waters, this is undoubtedly your beach.

It has crystal clear waters and something or quite cold. Playa Chica en Tariff It is especially recommended for diving.

En Playa Chica, in winter it is possible to practice windsurfing. For kitesurfing the beach is somewhat small in space, so you don't usually see kites. rate photos

Los Lances Beach, Tarifa

It is the main beach of the town of Tarifa and overlooks the Atlantic Ocean.

La Playa de Los Lances It begins in front of the residential area on Avenida de Los Lances to the parking lot of

Dos Mares Hotel.

In summer (July and August) it is not possible to practice windsurfing or kitesurfing, fine if done.

About Pigeon Island You can catch waves from Autumn to Spring.

Playa de Los Lances It has beach bars, restaurant ... to spend a good day at the beach.


Río Jara Beach, Tarifa

From the ending zone Tariff until the river is Rio Jara Beach, it is an extension without bathers so it is an ideal place to practice water sports such as windsurfing or kitesuft.

With the tidal can a lagoon is formed that is ideal for beginners of the kite since the water is only half a meter deep.

Dos Mares Beach, Tarifa photos

At 5 kilometers from Tarifa there is a large parking lot that directly overlooks Dos Mares Beach.

Playa Dos Mares is very popular with kitesurfers and windsurfers, since there is plenty of space for its practice and it can be accessed by car to almost the shore, so you can avoid carrying the equipment.

The area that is closest to the Dos Mares Hotel It is reserved for windsurfing. rate photos

Beach Life Art

If you want to find good music and a lot of atmosphere while enjoying the beach ... Arte Vida Hotel It is your ideal place.

Next to it there is a large parking lot and a barbecue area inside a pine forest.

The beach between Arte Vida Hotel and Hurricane Hotel It has a good reputation among surfers since sometimes there are very good waves.

The beach is also suitable for windsurfers and in the direction Dos Mares Hotel where the beach is wider, you can also navigate with the kite.


Los Valdevaqueros Beach, photos of Tarifa

After Hurricane Hotel and the Camping Torre de la Peña until the end of the bay where there is a dune, is the Los Valdevaqueros Beach.

This beach is well known and popular with kitesurfers, with a great wind, atmosphere and infrastructure.

Tarangana beach bar is one of the most popular in Tarifa.

Punta Paloma Beach, Tarifa photos

La Punta Paloma Beach It is located ten kilometers from Tariff. It is easily recognized by the giant dune that is seen from afar.

The views towards Tariff they are spectacular, fine sand, more crystalline ... it is one of the most beautiful beaches in Tariff.

Highly recommended to know the Punta Paloma Beach.

Bologna Beach, Tarifa

Bologna It is far from Tarifa, 25 kilometers direction Cadiz.

The beach of Bologna It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Cadiz and Spain, in fact it is listed as one of the five best beaches in Spain 2015 according to TripAdvisor users.

At the end of Beach of Bologna, on the right side, you will find a gigantic dune, which you can climb and contemplate a spectacular landscape.

Bologna have another incentive, see the Roman ruins of Baelo Claudio.

If you are in Cádiz, approach to spend an unforgettable day.


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Additional Information

Whale and cetacean watching in the Strait

Not only surfers sail these seas, since precisely the waters of Tarifa are one of the best places in Europe for the sighting of cetaceans. In the city, there are numerous companies that make boat trips for the sighting of these curious animals, whales, dolphins, sperm whales and calderones. If we are lucky we can take a wonderful memory of the experience.

Tour the Beaches of Tarifa

In our opinion, this is where the most beautiful beaches in the province, such as the Playa de los Alemanes, the Valdevaqueros Beach, Lances Beach o Bologna beach, the latter awarded in 2015 by TripAdvisor in the Travelers Choise awards as the tenth most beautiful beach in Europe and the second in Spain. These beaches are famous throughout the world both for their natural beauty, and for their perfect conditions for water sports such as windsurfing and Kitesurfing, so much so that the world championships of these modalities are held annually here. Photographs

Santa Catalina Castle rate photos

Located a few 400 meters from the Castle of Guzmán El Bueno we find one of the unique buildings of the city, such as the Castle of Santa Catalina. This castle located on top of a small hill at 24 mts above sea level, was born from a small hermitage to which it owes its name. But due to its strategic situation it soon became a military stronghold. Rate photos

Windless Rate

In summer in Tarifa it is not usual to have days without wind, the calm chicha is expensive for these parts. It is normal to have several days of strong lifting interrupted by some days of west wind. That is why once in a while we have a sporadic day where there is no wind, or at most a gentle breeze, it has the same effect as for the British when the sun rises, a joy is felt in the environment and everyone comes out To enjoy the beach.