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Living room paintings, Modern paintings


Customize your home with pictures and paintings, you will bring color and style to your home with this selection.

En Alberto Zaldivar We have pictures and canvases of different styles and sizes. Modern paintings, classic paintings, landscape paintings, abstract, colorful or monochrome paintings.

If you already know which walls you are going to decorate with paintings and canvases, check in our section the box that best defines your style and that of your house. A decoration without pictures is very impersonal, so any corner of your house will be perfect to place a picture.

If you don't decide between buy a painting o Buy a canvas, in this section you will have it very clear, since we have a great variety of models, combined in different colors, so that you choose the right one for the space in which you want to place it.

The paintings create scenarios and bring a unique style to the place where you place it, they are very important since they will complete the decoration of your house and will be the center of all eyes. In this section you can find pictures of all styles, classic, landscape, colorful, modern paintings, Tables abstracts, etc. Choose the picture and canvas what do you like?

En Alberto Zaldivar We have a great variation, decorate and redecorate your home with just one click.

paintings for living roompaintings for living room


When we plan a room, in general we think first what furniture we will place and what color the walls will be. But when that part is finished, we feel that something is still missing: the decoration.

One of the most used options to decorate your spaces is to use the walls and hang pictures, but that does not mean that it is an easy task.

Here we bring you many ideas to inspire you and find an original way to expose your paintings in the living room.

paintings for living room

A large picture on the armchair

Highlights a wall with a single large picture. Reduce your visual heaviness by looking for light or similar colors on the wall and you will highlight the other decoration elements. Use the horizontal line with a triptych

To occupy more space horizontally and accompany the length of the chair, choose an image that is composed of three pieces. This generates a modern and distinctive look. Unify frames and sizes

If you want to place many works of different styles, you can make them look like a set by choosing frames of the same color and size. It helps create a visual unit and is perceived as a single element in parts. A gallery with portraits

You can choose to exhibit a unique artistic style, such as portrait drawings in this case. Place the gallery-shaped pictures on a wall you want to highlight and group them with frames of the same color. Choose an accent color

If you want to integrate the color palette of your living room into your walls, choose a single highlighted color for your paintings. If you also use the same style, you will create a very harmonious gallery. Use art with plants

To create a modern and fresh look, choose frames with nature themes. Bet to integrate the plants also in your walls in a green and original gallery. A large picture leaning behind the sofa

A large format painting is ideal for highlighting a wall with a single element. A modern and original way to place it, is leaning against the back wall of your sofa, so you save the work of hanging a so heavy element.

Art with photographs

paintings for living room

If you prefer to upload photos of your loved ones, look for a way to unify them. Here the monochrome effect of the photos and the same frame size were used, to see them as a set. Uneven provision

Do not limit the shape of your gallery with the width of the armchair, you can add pictures in the way you like best. The only rule you should follow when composing your gallery is that you like it. Combine different elements.

If you want to generate a more interesting gallery in your living room, integrate pictures of different sizes and decorative objects. Just make sure they share a feature, such as the gray color in this photo room. Arrive with your pictures to the ceiling

Dare to create a gallery of pictures up to the ceiling, to generate a very impressive effect. It also combines pictures of different sizes and styles for a modern and eclectic living room. Take two walls completely

Did you run out of space on the wall? No problem, take the side wall also to increase your artistic gallery and surround your armchair with pictures.


If you have a more classic style, a gallery with black and white works is the solution for you. The paintings will have a unity and will transform your space with elegance. Do not limit your paintings to a single wall

The best way to give unity to your living room is to place pictures throughout the environment that are related to each other. Through color, theme or style you can make all the paintings in the space feel part of a set. Use shelves behind the armchair

Another way to achieve a picture gallery is by placing shelves. This system allows you to organize your paintings horizontally and change them frequently, refreshing the decoration. A shelf and a color palette

If you want to be more rigorous, place a single shelf and choose a reduced color palette to use in your frames. This will give greater order and unity to your space. Highlight another wall with shelves

The shelves with pictures are a great option to highlight a forgotten wall of your living room and transform it into a focal point of the decor.

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Find inspiration and tips to decorate and discover how you can fill the huge walls of the living room with paintings and wall decorations. The living room is usually the largest room in the house and the walls are perfect to create a wall decoration that leaves everyone with their mouths open. Use posters of different sizes and formats to create a wall decoration that breathes life on all four sides and reflects your personality.


If you want to enjoy a more stylish decoration in the living room, it can be enough with one or two large paintings that fill the empty space and the center of all eyes are the selected motifs. Say who you are through the art that covers the walls of your house. The surfaces of a living room create infinite possibilities: build a wall decoration from floor to ceiling, in a corner or around a piece of furniture: look for inspiration in our photographs to get inspired!