Modern living room paintings

In our art gallery you can find a large selection you can find pictures for modern rooms, our paintings are made with the best materials. Modern living room paintings

Among them methacrylate. Our star material for the vast majority of paintings. PICTURES FOR MODERN ROOMS

Then we have brushed aluminum, ideal for a modern painting. A less known material but for me the most visually striking, since white is not printed and brushed aluminum is seen instead. In the moment that has a little light the checks at their living room It will be reflected creating a sense of depth. Where it will appear to have an 3d effect.


Some of our pictures:

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In the following link you will find the characteristics of the materials and their modern finishes. Materials

All the paintings in our gallery are made by Alberto Zaldívar can see his work in Instagram

About the artist:


A photographer, self-taught and tireless researcher to improve and overcome what one day decides that would be his profession, a passion that becomes his lifestyle.


As a photographer, he is passionate about the sea and nature, this artist begins with the opportunity offered by the Power Balance brand, taking photographs in different sports championships throughout Europe, taking advantage to photograph every corner where he travels and combining it with other of his Kitesurfing passions. PICTURES FOR MODERN ROOMS

With concerns and aspirations to continue progressing in this world, the opportunity arises with some interior designers who come to visit Marbella from Dubai looking for something different in the paintings for rooms, something new, photographs with soul and high quality materials.

In this meeting they propose to introduce some of their images in the decoration of some villas and hotels, from there to be involved in the world of decoration only cost to collect all their work and start creating and designing on their photographs, turning a dream into reality. PICTURES FOR MODERN ROOMS

This project continues with effort and dedication, with the sale of its paintings in different parts of Spain in the world of interior design and decoration, fulfilling a new objective, its new website with online sales to reach all people Want one of your creations. Modern painting

Ocean photographer

Decorating with modern paintings is always an excellent decision. In this section you will find different styles of modern paintings and the division into thematic categories will help you find the perfect painting for living room, kitchen or office, whether with abstract paintings, urban paintings, flower paintings, landscape paintings, figurative paintings ...

Choose your modern frame mounted frame and available in various sizes. Receive your frame ready to hang up to 14 at most working days.

Pictures for the living room

Find inspiration in our paintings, and dare to decorate the large walls of your living room with abstract, modern and figurative paintings. The living room is usually the largest room in the house, and the wide walls are perfect for placing a work of art on your wall. A good idea is to use pictures of different sizes to create a gallery wall that feels full of life and reflects your personality.

If you want a more refined room, then a large picture may be enough to decorate the void and direct the focus towards the designs you have chosen. Let the wall art express who you are. The living room surfaces offer endless possibilities.

Find inspiration in our paintings!

The ocean is my home


abstract paintings