The bedroom is the room of the house where we spend more time, therefore it must be comfortable, harmonious and pleasant. Decorating it can be a great challenge, because you have to take into account the aesthetic and at the same time the functional and comfortable.

In this installment I want to dedicate myself to the first: to the aesthetic, to the merely decorative, and for this I will focus on giving you good ideas to choose from the best pictures for modern bedrooms.

More than showing you many pictures that you may not be able to find in your city later, I intend to give you ideas of what to buy, how to assemble them and where to put them. What colors to use and how to make the squares gain prominence within the decoration.

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Pictures with Neutral Colors PICTURES FOR BEDROOMS

The first thing you have to keep in mind is that the bedroom is mainly used to rest. Therefore you must choose the color palette very well: that they are calm and soft, although then you add touches of color to the decoration.

Also Colorful Pictures, worth it

Vivid colors are not prohibited. On the contrary, they will give a lot of joy to the room. But use them sparingly, always tending to cold colors and combined with white.


Turquoise Paintings Paintings BEDROOM PICTURES

Turquoise blue and water green tones are ideal for the bedroom. Choose frames containing this palette. You will never get tired of seeing them, they are cheerful and at the same time very relaxing.


Paintings The classic: Triptych on the Header

It is the most common position and distribution in the bedroom frames, since, in general, the bed has a headboard and the tables must be placed above it. This option may not work too well in rooms with low ceilings or headboards that are too high.


Full-Width Paintings BEDROOM PICTURES

Do not limit yourself to placing the pictures only on the bed. You can extend beyond its limits so that they occupy the entire width of the wall. This, in addition, will contribute to the feeling of spaciousness.

decoration pictures

Overlapping Frames

Do you have more pictures than space? You don't know which one to decide on? Well, put them all on! This idea is great because it does not limit you and does not look reloaded. Of course, it seeks that both the motive and the frames are related and consistent.

Pictures Supported on the Header

If you have a fixed headboard or a wall projection that works as such, take advantage of it to directly support the pictures. A very practical idea that will prevent you from piercing the wall.

Frames Supported on Shelves

You can also use beautiful shelves or shelves of lacquered wood to support the paintings and other decorative objects.

Pictures Leaning on the Floor PICTURES FOR BEDROOMS

A super modern and useful alternative for bedrooms with low ceilings.

Paintings in High Headboards

If your header is so high that it does not leave you room to put a picture, this idea is very original. Hang them directly in the header.

Black and White Pictures

A sober, elegant combination that never tires. Keep up the trend by placing black and white photos framed in the same colors.

Pictures in a Header Full of Photos

Your most beautiful memories in a great frame that acts as a header? A simple and great idea.


Instant photos hanging with clothes pins, framed with an old frame. Change them every time you have new immortalized moments with your Polaroid.

Photos and Phrases

A fun and very low cost idea. Reproduce photos of your favorite artists or movies and combine them with inspirational phrases. If you want to give it more wave, add small white lights, like the ones you use at Christmas for the tree.


Do not forget that everything in your bedroom should induce rest. May your paintings also invite you to it.


Not everything has to be so square and perfect. Dare to think outside the box and place your pictures asymmetrically. The result will be excellent and unintentionally, it will be a way that these creative paintings for bedrooms are the protagonists of the decoration.


MODERN TABLES, LANDSCAPE TABLES Use pictures to create the atmosphere you need to find calm. Get inspired and learn to decorate the bedroom With pictures and other decoration details.
Buy them by clicking on the image!


El bedroom It is the safe corner of the house, and the place where you recover strength:

find pictures for the bedroom that give you a shot of energy.


Explore the combinations of paintings and be inspired by our different paintings that, in our opinion, are perfect.

It is very easy to decorate the bedroom with objects that create tranquility and harmony:

the precious photographs of the animal and plant kingdom are not painted, or perhaps images reassuring of the nature of the sea and the mountains.

You can also decorate the bedroom with posters that have motivational or inspiring quotes that make getting out of bed every morning easier.

Click on the images of inspiration!

bedroom picture, modern picture, living room picture

1.- Lighting is everything

As you have heard many times, lighting can totally change a space, give it warmth, make it a cozy, pleasant place ...

Yes that good lighting It also comes from the hand of some spectacular pieces, which do not leave anyone impassive, success is assured.

Choose unique, attractive designs, and indirect, warm lights that invite intimacy, confidences.

Balloons lamps Lucie Koldova Dan Yeffet

2.- Textures make a difference

Who does not have on the retina the image of a sofa, facing the fire, on which to lie covered by a soft, fluffy blanket ...

It is probably one of the images that most clearly identifies with comfort.

Move it from the small screen to reality and get a sofa, some cushions and that desired blanket, in soft fabrics.

The alcantara and similar textures are always a good choice for your sofa. The cushions in alcantara, silk, angora or wool; and the blanket, if possible, with long hair.

To complete the set: a good carpet also with long hair in which to sink bare feet.

3.- The counterpoint

Among those details you can not miss a piece that attracts all eyes, which is radically different from everything around it.

Approach an antique dealer or that reference store in whose shop windows you have spent hours, and enter. Treat yourself and choose an old armchair, a secretary desk or a support table.


Another option? Surely you have in mind some old furniture in the family ... ask your mother to give it to you!