Pictures to decorate your house or make a gift

Are you looking for paintings to decorate your house or make a gift? In my shop You will find unique, serial and signed works of art ... and also, within your pocket.

You want to decorate your living room, or you office, or you bedroom... but you don't have much budget. And you have entered my website looking for cheap pictures. I don't know if my paintings are cheap or expensive. What I do intend is that my art be affordable. That is why all my photographs, although unique and serial works of limited edition to 200 units, are available to most pockets.


The paintings not only serve to decorate. They also give personality to our living room, our bedroom or our office, they are able to arouse our inspiration ... and they also say a lot about you.

When I create the pictures I do my paintings in order to transport you to dream worlds. My mind creates images able to suggest states of the soul, transfer emotions and transform spaces.



In Myself shop You can configure your paintings according to your tastes and in a way that suits your budget.

Within my offer of cheap paintings the framed type Photogallery, with printing on premium photographic paper of 50 × 70 centimeters, anti-reflective glass and black or white frame of 2,5 centimeters, is the most economical format.

You also have the option to include 5 centimeter paspartu - in this case there are no limited units.

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black and white checkered sheets landscape sheets to decorate walls old secretary living room paintings, living room decoration paintings


You can also choose between two other formats. The first of these is direct printing on high quality millimeters Plexiglass acrylic acrylic (5 millimeters) - it has a transparency degree of 92% - and with a hidden aluminum frame.

In addition, a vinyl anchor at the back protects the image from possible scratches.

On the other hand, you can choose the direct printing option on brushed aluminum high quality.

Very light and resistant, the frame is formed by a polyethylene core covered by two aluminum sheets 0,3 mm thick each.


When choosing a painting, put your intuition into play. Look at it, contemplate it, listen to what it tells you, what it awakens in you ... and what you want me to tell you about. In short, let yourself be guided by your hunch.

Then, once at home or in your office, they will reflect your personality, your character. They will say who you are. And then, when looking at your walls, you will never think again if they are cheap or expensive paintings. And that, after all, is something that is priceless.



Give art. Look no further, you have already found the idea you were looking for, original gifts.

For all who are looking for Original gifts, not only original and emotional, but also unforgettable and will last in time. You can find it on our website with limited editions and signed by the artist.


Nothing better than your gift remains on one of the walls of the house, and every time they look at it they remember you. If with this I have not been able to convince you, I leave you other reasons why giving Art is a success.

1º- It is a unique gift.

We live in a world where you enter a house and have entered all, we all share furniture and paintings by Ikea or any other large area.

However give an art picture With a limited series and signed by an artist, it is something different. Let's say it's a special feeling.

2º- It is a gift that will not go to the last drawer.

But it will last over time and will always be exposed somewhere in the house.

Where you will always see and admire, being worthy to speak with any guest present.

3º Opens the doors to other ways of seeing the universe,

You have a unique painting to admire continuously.

4º- The presentation IS important.

Taking care of every last detail is within the essence of Artbertgallery. We spare nothing at the time of sending a piece.

5º- What happens if you have not got the picture you like?

No problem you have up to 15 days to return it and choose another one you like more.

I think we can't give you any more reasons to choose gives art. Not only at Christmas, but birthdays, Weddings etc ...

Don't think about it anymore go into our gallery and choose the work you like best, give art.

black and white sheets modern painting landscape muralsready to hang


Use pictures to create the atmosphere you need to find calm. Get inspired and learn to decorate the bedroom With pictures and other decoration details.


El bedroom It is the safe corner of the house, and the place where you recover strength:

find pictures for the bedroom that give you a shot of energy.

Explore the combinations of paintings and be inspired by our different paintings that, in our opinion, are perfect.

It is very easy to decorate the bedroom with objects that create tranquility and harmony:

the precious photographs of the animal and plant kingdom are not painted, or perhaps images reassuring of the nature of the sea and the mountains.

You can also decorate the bedroom with posters that have motivational or inspiring quotes that make getting out of bed every morning easier.


Details that will make your living room a luxury

How can you make your room look like it's taken from a magazine? How to make your living room look like the one in the best hotel? Know the best keys.

Don't you know how to make your living room a special place? Do you want your living room to be more cozy? Would you like to give it a touch of distinction? It is no news that eclecticism works and also in your living room.

Decades ago it became fashionable and, since then, it has remained very present in all areas of what we know as lifestyle.

In gastronomy it is known as fusion, in fashion it means combining clothes of different styles, but also combining low cost with selected pieces of large firms.

That detail that is well chosen makes the difference. In the world of interior design follow those same patterns. “The secret is in the detail”

The interior designer provides us with four details that will help you turn it into a very different place. You don't want to get out of it!

black and white sheets modern painting landscape muralsready to hang

1.- Lighting is everything

As you have heard many times, lighting can totally change a space, give it warmth, make it a cozy, pleasant place ...

Yes that good lighting It also comes from the hand of some spectacular pieces, which do not leave anyone impassive, success is assured.

Choose unique, attractive designs, and indirect, warm lights that invite intimacy, confidences.

2.- Textures make a difference

Who does not have on the retina the image of a sofa, facing the fire, on which to lie covered by a soft, fluffy blanket ...

It is probably one of the images that most clearly identifies with comfort.

Move it from the small screen to reality and get a sofa, some cushions and that desired blanket, in soft fabrics.

The alcantara and similar textures are always a good choice for your sofa. The cushions in alcantara, silk, angora or wool; and the blanket, if possible, with long hair.

To complete the set: a good carpet also with long hair in which to sink bare feet.

3.- The counterpoint

Among those details you can not miss a piece that attracts all eyes, which is radically different from everything around it.

Approach an antique dealer or that reference store in whose shop windows you have spent hours, and enter. Treat yourself and choose an old armchair, a secretary desk or a support table.

Another option? Surely you have in mind some old furniture in the family ... ask your mother to give it to you!

4.- Noble matters

The weight that matter gives to an object is unquestionable. A solid noble wood is rotund, a sober metal too, but the stone ... the stone is possibly the star of all matters. And among them marble is undoubtedly the king.

If you ever pass in front of one of those warehouses of marbles outdoors, full of raw plates, I advise you to stop and take a look. It is overwhelming. Those pieces themselves are true works of art.

If the you combine with a simple design, elegant, you have another sure and very recent success, since this was one of the bets of the last Salone del Mobile in Milan.

black and white sheets modern painting landscape muralsready to hang